LilyPad Pixel LED RGB Board WS2812

LilyPad Pixel LED RGB Board WS2812

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LilyPad Pixel Board WS2812

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Voltage 5V
Size20mm (round)

Join the wearable craze!!

This board uses the WS2812B chip that has the addressable controller and the red, green, and blue led all in one package! This item is designed to be sewn into cloth making it ideal for shirts, skirts, capes, hats, scarves, bags, shoes, heck sew a bunch into your doona cover for winter warmth with bling!

If you are after a good library for this chip have a look at

Have a look at our sewable wire for connecting power and control, also you should also have a look at our sewable ATTiny based arduino's and while you are at it grab a sewable battery pack to power your project.